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is an international crowdsourcing competition in Slovenia. It is organised by Management Group every spring. Each year, companies provide cases based on real issues they are facing. Diverse groups of Slovenian and international students are given less than 72 hours to work on a solution. After a creative weekend of intense work, they pitch it to the company. Company representatives choose the group with the winning idea which gets rewarded with a cash prize and a reference letter. This unique competitive business weekend aims to give companies creative ideas and even innovations, as well as connect them with ambitious students eager to gain experience.

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Mateja Kalan
Kranj, Slovenia

Business Hive is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable experience and broaden your spectre of practical knowledge. The competition provides you with a creative environment to build great ideas addressing challenging real-life business cases. Working with people who share the same aspirations, yet different perspectives create a powerful mixture, which reflects in fresh, innovative solutions, and at the same time in new friendships and unforgettable memories.

Martin Grazer
Velenje, Slovenia

Business Hive was a great opportunity for applying theoretical knowledge to real-life cases. What I lacked in knowledge and skills, I learned from people I worked with on our case. I still keep in touch with them. 10/10 would recommend!


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