IWCO – International Week Coordinating Organization
…is a worldwide network of student unions and student organizations that promotes cultural, economic, social and business exchange between students from all over the world. Over the past two decades, these student unions and organizations of young, aspiring students have been joining the International Week initiative in order to advance this exchange of culture and business through a one-week long project – The International Week (IW).

IW – International week
… is a one week long project, which is annually organised by each IWCO country and its local student organisations. Country presentations, lectures by host university’s professors, local company visits and tours of the local city are just some of the ways this exchange is encouraged. Although each IW is flavoured by the local culture, other nations are conveyed through activities such as the International Dinner (each participant prepares a traditional dish from their country and presents it with a personal story). Over the past few years, the diversity and variety of the International Weeks has been growing as more student unions and student organizations have been joining IWCO.

IW Slovenia
…is annually organised by Management Group, student organisation at the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana. Over the last decade, we have been hosting around 20 students from different IWCO country members and introduce them to the diversity of Slovenia. In a week, international students get to know capital city Ljubljana, take a walk around Bled lake, experience the rafting in Soča river, explore the Postojna cave, swim in Mediterranean sea, visit Slovenian companies and learn about Slovenian traditions and culture

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